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For beach hair anytime!  Gives volume, sexy waves and a little bit of control to clean washed hair. 
Natural sea salt gives you volume, and a dose of jojoba oil keeps the salt from being overly drying.
Our newest version has a light woody-citrus scent.
Great for men or women. Four ounce pump spray in a glass bottle.


Never tested on animals. All natural ingredients. Best used within 6 months of date of purchase.

Keep at room temperature. For external use only. 


Instructions: Spray on wet or dry hair. Shake well before using; natural separation occurs.

Ingredients: water, sandalwood water, sea salt, jojoba oil, natural fragrance from essential oils.


Welcome to Brooklyn Beach, home of all things soft, beachy and bursting with color! From linen tie-dyed scarves, shorts and beach blankets to our signature sea-salt Brooklyn Beach Hair spray, we've got what you need to keep you relaxed, hot and beachy-looking all year 'round!