Brooklyn Beach

Linen Azalea + Navy Tie-Dyed Beach Blanket

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Hand-dyed 100% handkerchief linen beach blanket. 
This is a one-of-a-kind tie-dye blanket! I may replicate various combination occasionally, but usually they are experimental combinations that come about after one of my dye sessions. If you want a truly unique gift or something beautiful for yourself, it's just the thing. I hope you'll love them as much as I enjoy
making them.


• Approximately 55 x 90 inches (fits 2 adults lengthwise, or 3 widthwise)

• Blanket has 4 underside corner pockets 9" deep & 19" wide you scoop sand in and anchor it on windy beaches, as well as a 8" x 10" underside security pocket to hide small valuables. Also includes a handy 7" x 13" pouch that the blanket fits snugly in for travel near and far.

• Linen is absorbent so no towel required, light as a feather and it dries in a flash!

• Feel free to get creative and use blanket as a throw or table cloth in the off season.


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