Brooklyn Beach

Happy to be in Oakland

Atomic Garden is a boutique located in Oakland, California where we've sold Brooklyn Beach Hair for sometime now. Inspired by beauty in everyday life, Atomic Garden is a repository of all things handcrafted, thoughtful and made with purpose. I can't wait to see the store in person someday! Thanks to Wear Your Voice for including Brooklyn Beach in their beauty story about Atomic Garden. Tons of great products there!


Written by Emily Harrison — September 09, 2014

York Surf on Brooklyn Beach

So fun to be interviewed by Adlin for the York Surf blog! She makes handcrafted jewelry inspired
by surfing and the sea, also in New York City. 

…see moreof our conversation her blog:

Written by Emily Harrison — August 18, 2014

Well + Good & Winnie from Warm

Thanks for including us in your fav product list Winnie!!

Written by Emily Harrison — July 12, 2014

Free + Native Feature

Free + Native, an awesome online holistic journal had some lovely things so say about our salt spray!
Check out their site for recipes, remedies and other healthy, interesting products.

Written by Emily Harrison — June 25, 2014

Summer Beauty Essential > Brooklyn Beach Hair!

Winnie from Warm is such a great fan of our salt spray! Thanks Winnie & Rob for selling tons of our product,
your shop pretty much rules the world as far as I'm concerned. I never want to leave when I stop in…..


Written by Emily Harrison — June 25, 2014 and Jessa Blades!

Jessa Blades and her site Blades Natural Beauty are now carrying our Brooklyn Beach Hair spray!
While she is off on the left coast doing some natural beauty events and probably having a blast in
Southern California, there was a little write up of Jessa and her workshops, pop-up shop
in Ojai, and our cool beach spray!

Written by Emily Harrison — May 05, 2014

W Magazine

Sweet little write-up of some fantastic local NYC beauty brands by Jesse Breeden.
Thanks to her and W Magazine for being included!


Written by Emily Harrison — April 27, 2014

Hello Fall!

Awesome blog, Aquarius Cocktail, out of So Cal, loves Brooklyn Beach Hair!

Written by Emily Harrison — September 22, 2013

Oh, saaaweet! Bon Appétit!

I'm so very tardy in posting this, since the September BA issue just came out...

But I was lucky enough to be featured in this awesome beach blanket spread in the August issue!

And a nice gentleman from Manhattan quickly swooped up the blanket they shot. 

I love Bon Appétit and it was a big honor to be on their pages! (Also cool riding the elevator with

Anna Wintour in the Conde Nast building when I was picking up my blankets, weeeee!)


Written by Emily Harrison — August 24, 2013


Welcome to Brooklyn Beach, home of all things soft, beachy and bursting with color! From linen shorts and beach blankets, tie-dye socks and dish towels to our signature sea salt Brooklyn Beach Hair spray, we've got what you need to keep you relaxed, hot and beachy-looking all year 'round!