Brooklyn Beach

InStyle with Warm

Our friend Winnie Beattie, at the boutique Warm in NYC, is always going to the coolest warm places. In Augusts' InStyle magazine, she talks about her love of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and her go-to packing list; from vintage shorts to beauty products. We're happy as usual to have Brooklyn Beach Hair included as one of her favorite products!

Written by Emily Harrison — August 01, 2017

Shore Summer Shopping – Racked does Asbury Park

Racked did a pretty comprehensive story on all the amazing shops in Asbury Park this week. Besides the sunny beach, cold beers and boardwalk food, what more could you ask for? A little urban-beach getaway on the Jersey Shore.

Written by Emily Harrison — July 08, 2016

Some Local NYC Press from 5Boros

Too bad 5Boros changed my image on the top of the story, but still a nice collection of cool summer brands for summer fun and post sun recover. Summer is here!!

Written by Emily Harrison — July 08, 2016

Free + Native Q & A

We had a fun little Q&A with our friends at Free + Native recently! It's always good to share a little bit more about ourselves and Brooklyn, and some thoughts about what's next for the future of our brand.

Written by Emily Harrison — June 12, 2016

Fashion Week Survival by Kristen Arnett

Fashion week was a month ago! I'm severely tardy in adding Kristen Arnett's post on her make-up artist survival kit. What a great glimpse inside what it takes to battle New York winter skin and hair and keep her more fresh and healthy looking during her crazy busy week. Check out the Green Beauty Team's website for lots of great tips on beauty and wellness from the pros themselves.

Written by Emily Harrison — March 25, 2016

A Free + Native Hair Staple

It's a wonderful compliment when a blog you read and enjoy, really appreciates your brand. Lacy has listed our Brooklyn Beach Styling Spray as one of her Hair Staples on Free + Native. I too couldn't live without my Mason Pearson brush! Check out all the other great products and brands in her new Staples guides.

Written by Emily Harrison — January 29, 2016

See, the men's like us too!

Much like myself, Christian Blanchet uses Brooklyn Beach Hair as a part of his styling routine. Its a great finishing spray to give it some separation and light lift. I recommend finding your own personal hair product arsenal that compliments for your cut and style. That includes Beach Hair of course! 

Written by Emily Harrison — January 07, 2016

Cool Beauty from A Green Beauty Magazine

The Fall/Winter issue of the bi-annual A Green Beauty, includes our Winter Beach Hair in a collection of holistic products for the upcoming cooler months. You can find A Green Beauty at select Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble. Or buy via their website; either a print or digital version. Help support a beautiful magazine featuring ethical, sustainable fashion, and holistic health and beauty.

Written by Emily Harrison — November 11, 2015

Natural Beauty in

Thanks to Jun at Eir, also based in Brooklyn, for tipping off Vogue readers to Brooklyn Beach Hair.
All the natural beauty recommendations here are as unique as the ladies that chose them.

Written by Emily Harrison — November 01, 2015


Welcome to Brooklyn Beach, home of all things soft, beachy and bursting with color! From linen shorts and beach blankets, tie-dye socks and dish towels to our signature sea salt Brooklyn Beach Hair spray, we've got what you need to keep you relaxed, hot and beachy-looking all year 'round!