Brooklyn Beach

Solid Linen Beach Blankets

What makes this beach blanket so unique?
A: The Brooklyn Beach Blanket is linen, so you get the soft, yet thin, towel-like feel as you might with a turkish woven towel. And sand doesn't stick to linen (yay!) and it dries super duper fast.
B: There are 4 underside corner pockets, that you fill with sand to keep your blanket totally solid on the sand. Wind won't dare disrupt your beach real-estate!
Why is this beach blanket so...expensive?
Making stuff in America is not cheap folks. Plus, I built this blanket to last: double stitched seams on all edges, flat felled seams in the middle, sand pockets, secret security pocket and a travel bag. So much sewing goes into these bad boys, and I insist on it, because I know how much abuse your beach blankets will take! They are designed to use and enjoy for a very long time. Plus, if you get creative (*see below...)
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The first incarnation of this blanket came in the solid, sun-washed, soft-colored handkerchief linen
you see here. Available in a wide array of color-blocked combos, the basic design can be customized
to offer a little something for everyone: denim, stripes, girly pastels and my original 2012 combinations
of sand, sherbet orange and shades of blue and turquoise.
* Enjoy this blanket all summer on your favorite sandy beach, and when January rolls around and you're
seriously missing the sun, you can throw it over the couch or a table to bring a little sunshine into your life!


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