Brooklyn Beach

Hi, I'm Emily and I designed these fun linen goods. I'm a graphic designer by trade, and a very experienced beach lounger. After hundreds of trips to the ocean, I decided it was time to make a blanket that didn't require flip-flops or bags to be secured against the wind. So in the summer of 2011, I gifted some friends a hand made linen blanket with built-in corner pockets for holding sand as weights. After thanking me, they said, "You should sell these!", and Brooklyn Beach was born! My linen blankets are super-soft and quick-drying, and just like everything Brooklyn Beach makes, I'm proud to say that they're indeed made in Brooklyn, USA.  
The following summer, after another fine day at the beach, my friend Marie and I were loving our salt-water-filled, wind-blown beach hair and wanted to replicate that in the city. Mulling over how to make this possible while driving back to Brooklyn, we started discussing ingredients and ended up concocting some sea salt hair spray in my blender one evening.
After tinkering with the recipe and getting feedback from friends on various test batches, we came up with the Brooklyn Beach Hair that's now for sale. With a few beautiful smelling waters and some jojoba oil, this all-natural spray gives locks a beachy, tousled vibe without the drying effects of sand and sun. What began with our signature Autumn scent, we've since added Winter and Summer, and soon to round out the four seasons with Spring; launching this Spring 2016. Our fans think it's an excellent styling product – we hope you'll enjoy it, too!
Although there's no actual Brooklyn Beach in NYC (handy for naming purposes), we're still just a hop, skip and a jump from lots of excellent surf spots. It's a sweet luxury to live in the city and still be so close to the ocean, so on your next visit, don't forget to check out our beaches, they're rad!


Please feel free to contact us anytime!

Emily > / 917.482.0894 

(Fair Harbor, Fire Island. Sept 2020)

xo Emily


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Welcome to Brooklyn Beach, home of all things soft, beachy and bursting with color! From linen shorts and beach blankets, tie-dye socks and dish towels to our signature sea salt Brooklyn Beach Hair spray, we've got what you need to keep you relaxed, hot and beachy-looking all year 'round!